Residential Services

Technically has advanced and will continue to in the years to come.  With these advancements system integration while maximizing productivity especially for the home user can be a difficult and overwhelming task.  That's why Vector Computing can steer you in the right direction for selecting and setting up the hardware and software that's right for you. 

We specialize in:

  • Consulting
  • Data Backup (we all know someone who's lost precious files or photos)
  • DSL / Cable (what's the right one for you)
  • Internet Security & Virus Protection (keeping personal information protected and private)
  • Home Networking (share an internet connection, printers and files)
  • Wireless (connect all your WiFi enabled devices)
  • Ethernet (a faster way to share files)
  • Installation (of all your technologies needs)
  • Repair (replace worn, broken or failed parts as well as software repair)
  • Upgrades (operating systems, bios and firmware updates)
  • Troubleshooting
  • Remote Networking with Office: VPN‚Äôs
  • Home Theater Installation and Integration

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